Nurturing With Nature - 3 Nature Activity Ideas To Develop Your Young One
31st May 2018 | Posted by Baby Monsters

Nurturing With Nature - 3 Nature Activity Ideas To Develop Your Young One

Playing outside and experiencing nature is an incredibly enriching experience for people of all ages. For children, it is both something they are naturally drawn to and something that plays a critical role in their early development. There are very few indoor activities that stimulate a child's mind and body in the same way the great outdoors can. With technology becoming more accessible at a younger age, it’s easy to neglect outside play. Here are 3 nature activity ideas to keep your little ones happy throughout the winter:

1. Painting with Rain

With just food colourings, white card, and a splash of rain, you can create some abstract art! Make sure that you secure the white card using some tape (or stones for added nature!) so it doesn’t blow away. After that, just drop a few different colours of food colouring on to the card and let nature do its thing. If you have a brush as well, your little one can have fun collaborating with nature! 

This activity can result in an amazing keepsake to remind you and your child of time spent enjoying what could have otherwise been a miserable day indoors!

Spy With Our Little Eyes

2. I Spy With Our Little Eyes

Another great game to play with your children is an old classic. “I spy with my little eye” is perfect if you’re on your way to somewhere with kids and want to develop their language skills along the way. If you have two children, using a twin pram can be double the fun and they can play with each other as a team!

This activity is perfect for practicing pronunciation of common words and helps them build confidence and understanding of the world around them. 

Outdoor Sound Adventure

3. Outdoor Sound Adventure

We all know how much kids love noise! So, what better way to keep them entertained and learning than to let them discover new sounds? Nature has limitless sounds for children to discover and play with, even in your own garden or local park. Armed with just a stick, you and your littles ones can have an outdoor sound adventure. Using the stick, you can hit, scrape, and rub different objects found outdoors. It could be a tree, bush, grass, or even a fence!

Ask your children to try and describe the sounds, or to predict what type of sound will be produced. This helps them understand the world around them while teaching them to describe it at the same time.


The only limit with these activities is your imagination. Kids can find the fun in almost anything, and as long as the activity is structured with a start and end, they should be engaged throughout and benefit from the outdoor play. 

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