Pushing Potential – What Benefits do Twin Prams Offer over Traditional Prams?
23rd Mar 2018

Pushing Potential – What Benefits do Twin Prams Offer over Traditional Prams?

Shopping for a pram can be an emotional task as it will almost certainly be both exciting and overwhelming. When looking to purchase a pram, you need to make sure you consider many factors. If shopping for one pram can be challenging, imagine adding in the stress of looking for a double pram with all the options available nowadays.

When you’re shopping for a pram for your little ones, you need to be on the lookout for such factors as the storage ability of the pram in addition to the weight of the stroller, the size, the safety ratings, and the expense the double pram will cost you.

Keep reading to discover the top five benefits twin prams have over a traditional pram.


One of the best benefits of a twin pram is the convenience to place two small and happy, but sometimes, unruly humans, in a movable item on wheels. This allows you to keep your eyes forward as you are walking rather than trying to push two strollers at the same time.


The performance of a twin pram is essential when pushing children in the pram. You want to make sure that the wheels are large enough that they can turn without dumping the kids out. Twin prams that had fewer wheels were also better performing because they did not have a tire get stuck during the manoeuvrability of the pram. The ability to position and adjust the pushchair makes the usability and performance of the double pram indispensable.


The first thing to consider with a double pram is what the current safety standards are for this type of item. Almost all strollers meet the Australian standard for twin pram safety. If you are unfamiliar with the current standards on prams, make sure to research this critical information before purchasing a twin pram for your kids.


Another great benefit of a double pram is the durability they afford. A single pram is made robust, but a double stroller has to be made extra tough or rugged as it contains two children at the same time. Kids can be a handful. Whether they are kicking the pram or spilling a juice cup on the material, do not worry as your twin pram can take the abuse! When thinking about the benefits of a double pram, make sure to include durability as an option in your search!


The frequency of use of the double pram is another factor to investigate when choosing a pram. With a double stroller, the more you will be using it, the more features and versatility you want it to have. You will need a spot for storage of bags. You will also want a drink holder area for yourself in addition to a place for the kids to put the toys that they have brought with them for the trip.

Why choose a twin pram over a single traditional pram?

The most important consideration of all when choosing a twin pram is the safety of our children. You want to make sure the stroller meets all the safety standards in your area. In addition to safety, the convenience and performance of a twin pram beats a traditional pram as they are manufactured to seat children side by side and still steer well in small spaces. Lastly, twin prams are durable as they carry two individuals and allow for a comfortable ride when often used and for long periods of time.

If you choose a twin pram, your children will be riding in style while you have the convenience of a high performing stroller with the highest safety standards available!

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