6 Things to Consider When Buying Christmas Gifts For New Parents
20th Dec 2017 | Posted by Baby Monsters

6 Things to Consider When Buying Christmas Gifts For New Parents

The first Christmas as new parents can be the most exciting one ever. For those who have recently entered parenthood, Christmas morning with baby, surrounded by laughter, gifts and loved ones excitedly opening presents, can one of the most treasured memories. If you have new or expectant parents in your life and want to buy them the perfect baby gift this holiday season, there are a few considerations worth contemplating to ensure your gift both enhances and enriches their lives.

Size Wise

Before making any purchases for an expectant parent consider two things:

  • Where they live
  • The model of car they drive

Parents who live in a tiny apartment, up several flights of stairs will need a sturdy yet lightweight pram which is quick and easy to fold and stores away small. Alternatively, a baby sling or carrier such as the MiaMily Hipster Plus - a 3D baby carrier which takes mobility and comfort to a new level, may be a blessing for parents who need to climb many flights of stairs with their hands full of shopping.

The same is true for those who have a compact car. A stroller which folds down to reduce its storage space would be much more suitable than a larger walking pram.

Expecting the Unexpected

When buying for expectant parents begin by asking them what they need or offer suggestions based on your budget. New parents often miss basic requirements such as bathing aids to keep baby safe in the bath or baby car seat mirrors - after all inexperienced parents may have never done this before and by the time they realise they need something it can be too late.

For large ticket items, consider purchasing base models which can be added to and expanded over the life of the child. 

Depending on your budget, suggested items may be:

  • Swaddles, wraps and cocoons
  • Car mirrors - keep an eye on rear-facing baby
  • Feeding chairs, gliders and rockers
  • An infant carrier which is part of an extended travel system

Seasonal Suggestions

Christmas in Australia can bring sweltering weather and this presents challenges to new parents to keep baby comfortable. Sun protection can be imperative and products such as car window shades to protect baby's sensitive skin and eyes, make an affordable and useful gift.

Other accessories to keep baby comfortable in warmer weather may be a stroller fan, mosquito net or for breastfeeding mums, a baby bottle for boiled water.

Novel Items for the Newborn

By the time baby has arrived it is likely that the mainstays of the nursery will have been purchased. Look for extensions of basic equipment and accessories such as:

  • Sun parasol for the pram
  • Mobile phone holder (attachable to stroller)
  • Cup holders
  • Travel bags 

Safety First

The Australian government has set stringent safety standards around a range of baby equipment including car seats, prams and cots. Only buy products which bear evidence that they meets these requirements. Avoid hand-me-downs or ‘vintage’ equipment as they are often not designed to protect baby or prevent injury.

Lasting Benefits

Babies grow quickly. Spending huge sums of money on products which will only be used for a few weeks can be disappointing. Consider whether the parents are likely to have more children before purchasing too many newborn size clothes or specialised equipment. Buy wisely and look for things which can adapt and grow with baby or which can be useful well into toddlerhood. 


When purchasing larger items such as prams, remember these have to be easily moved in and out of a car - possibly several times a day. Prams should be light to lift, adaptable and be able to be folded with a single hand if necessary.

If removable capsules are used, ensure they are easy to manoeuvre in and out of the car and interchange smoothly when used with a travel system.

Outside the box

While parents may have bought the basic equipment, there are a multitude of items which can be useful, stimulating or simply decorative.

Some suggestions may be:

  • Travel cot
  • Baby footprint keepsake
  • Colourful mobiles
  • Pram tray

Whatever gift you are looking for, Baby Train are sure to have the ideal gift in stock. Drop in to one of our convenient locations or shop online from the comfort of home knowing you are giving a stylish, functional gift which will last for years to come.

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