Parenting in Stereo: How to Stay Calm When Raising Twins
1st Nov 2018 | Posted by Baby Monsters

Parenting in Stereo: How to Stay Calm When Raising Twins

It’s understood by many that the life of parents with twins and triplets is challenging to say the least. Expecting two or three for the price of one is an exciting time, but there is more to think about and a lot of planning to be done within those nine months and early years.

Setting yourself up and knowing what is to come with give you your best shot at not only getting through this journey, but loving it. For the sake of your sanity, find out what parents before you have done to ensure the struggle of multiples is a fair fight.

Double the cost, or more

A twin will cost you twice as much as one, and a triplet will cost you three times. A no-brainer, right? But really let that sink in, and think about all the nappies, bottles and cribs that you need. And that’s just the first year! Toys and other temporary items will add up, so remember to budget accordingly.

You’ll get some quick wins when you invest in items that can be used for all of your little ones at once, like your twin prams and liners. Those big items like prams, car seats and cribs are worth the investment if it means a little more comfort for you and your family. However, other items can be sourced for a more affordable price, as you need multiples.

Start pumping

The miracle of breastfeeding is a wonderful experience shared between a mother and child. But when this becomes the anchoring task of your day - it can feel like you never get a reprieve. Typically, your little ones will want to feed at the same time, but don’t take that chance and always make sure you have enough milk for any scenario. Pumping after you put them down will be far more successful than when they are awake and crawling all over you. You’re also able to produce more milk when you are relaxed. Rotate your twins and triplets on the breast and the bottle - this is a great way to involve your partner in this bonding experience.

Optimising space

If you thought you didn’t have enough before the arrival of your small entourage, you may be in for a shock. Think seriously about your floor plan. Now add in a playpen and play mat, a rocker, a crib, your pram, and the clothes horse that is drying the many thousand articles of clothing. Before they arrive, downsize your living space leaving only what will add value to your new family. A decent bed and comfortable seating in your living space will be your little havens and will be where you restore and recharge - so leave them where they are.

Balancing attention

How many of us hold on to some resentment or childhood sensitivity around who got the attention, and why? Rivalries between your younger and older siblings are one thing, but imagine competing for attention with your twin or triplet. Much more personal. As your children grow, they will discover their interests and start chasing their own lives. Follow with then their passions, and make sure your support is equally split among them - otherwise, you will hear about it. Encourage their differences, it’s important that they enjoy both the intimacy of being a twin as well as the individuality.


Ah the adventures that await parents expecting multiples. Remember you are not the first, and you won’t be the last. Preparing your home and partner as best you can will make the process easier, so take advantage of the time before they arrive or even while they are sleeping. Even five minutes along? So, so precious.

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