Travel Strollers That Are Ideal For Family Holidays
19th Nov 2018 | Posted by Baby Monsters

Travel Strollers That Are Ideal For Family Holidays

It’s crazy how much your life changes after the arrival of a few little people. The sacrifices, the adjustments - you soon won’t recognise your own life. But it’s no all bad! In fact it’s arguably when real life starts, and did we mention the fun that’s to be had on a family holiday? So now you are transitioning into family life, what’s one of the first investments that is on the list - a stroller. More specifically, a compact stroller. A compact stroller will be your best asset on a family holiday, read on to find out our top picks.

Baby Monster Fresh Strollers

Who doesn’t want to look fresh on holidays? The Baby Monster Fresh range is one of the favourite travel strollers. It is not only a durable stroller, but it is very flexible so that you can stow on a plane, train, or at your hotel. Prams and strollers are often seen as a hurdle point when young families consider travel, but the Fresh collection is a dynamic design with travelling families front and centre. The high quality neoprene fabric affords you the luxury of cleaning up little spills and messes on the go, as it is fast drying and only needs minimum maintenance. It also has a rain cover and shopping basket, because anything goes on holidays.

Baby Monster Easy Twin Stroller

Now something for our little double travellers. The Easy Twin Strollers have to be the favourite for families travelling with twins. It can be a bit of a juggling act travelling with the little ones, which is why the frame remains standing when folded, to reducing bending and grabbing. The wheels can be locked so that you are dealing with a stationary piece of luggage, and those very wheels are durable and puncture proof for any surface you may encounter on your travels. You won’t need to dart back to your hotel or home base too many times on your travels, as the base of your lightweight aluminum framed stroller has an extra-large basket for all your accessories and items that those little terrors need.

Family travel is some of the first memories that your little ones will have, and they will hold on to them for a lifetime. These compact travel strollers will be your greatest travel companion, and will make you feel organized and secure day to day. Start small and set out for a full day with all you need in your travel stroller, you will be surprised to learn just how adaptable and dynamic they are.

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